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Wesley Henson, Ph.D.

Wesley Henson is a Research Hydrologist in San Diego, California. His research focuses on developing decision tools and methods to improve water management for food and water security and water resource sustainability.

Wes grew up in the dusty parched deserts of northern Nevada. He holds degrees in Geology, Hydrogeology, and Agricultural and Biological Engineering. He began his career with the USGS in 2009 and currently leads a Food and Water Security Research Team. His team helps address critical water resource issues, both nationally and internationally. Much of his current work is centered in a key US agricultural region—the Central Coast of California.

His research centers on incorporating additional hydrologic processes in hydrologic models so they are more suitable to address a wide variety of the challenges water managers must address. These methods include:

  1. Methods for estimating recharge, runoff, and land use.
  2. Quantifying regional scale uncertainty in water budgets (e.g., Sea Water Intrusion)
  3. Evaluating aquifer vulnerability to contaminants
  4. Nitrate biogeochemistry, and
  5. Development and simulation of karst aquifer preferential flow paths.