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March 19, 2024

Representatives from the National Geological Survey of the Dominican Republic (SGN) and USGS met on March 12 at the National Center in Reston, Virginia to discuss potential opportunities for collaboration within a diverse array of earth science disciplines. 

Photograph of 2 persons at a table and 3 persons standing behind with papers and flags of the U.S. and Dominican Republic
Left to right: Bill Cunningham, Director of the USGS Office of International Programs; David Applegate, USGS Director; Gustavo Bisbal, USGS Western Hemisphere Science Advisor (acting), Office of International Programs; Edwin García Cocco, National Geological Survey of the Dominican Republic Director; and Miguel Peña, Senior Mining Advisor to the President of the Dominican Republic.

Edwin García Cocco, Director of the SGN, Miguel Peña, Senior Mining Advisor to President Luis Abinader, and David Applegate, USGS Director, discussed possible future synergies on mineral assessments, response and adaptation to natural hazards, and procurement of cutting-edge remote sensing products. 

Representatives then signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to further augment and support the ongoing partnership between the two agencies.


Learn more about USGS scientific collaboration and partnership in the Western Hemisphere.

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