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Upcoming JACIE Workshop

2019 JACIE Workshop

September 24-26, 2019  


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The Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) team is pleased to announce The Civil Commercial Imagery Evaluation Workshop will be held September 24-26, 2019 at US Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia.  Onsite registration is available.

This year’s JACIE Workshop will continue providing the latest information on remotely sensed data quality and calibration techniques as well as offer insights into upcoming satellites and sensors along with messages from key figures in the remote sensing community, both government and commercial.  The JACIE workshop engages Federal agencies, their partners, and the Commercial Remote Sensing industry in a joint quest to provide the most accurate Earth measurements possible. Talks cover the assessment of new remote sensing systems, understanding the applications which they serve, and sharing methods to improve data quality and ensure continued improvement in understanding our planet. Come hear exciting news about new systems and directions coming to the remote sensing world from government and industry.  The JACIE Workshop provides an excellent opportunity for you and your staff to meet and collaborate with others from across the broad remote sensing community.  


It is our pleasure to invite you and your staff to the 18th Annual JACIE Workshop held 24-26 September 2019 at the USGS Headquarters in Reston, VA. The JACIE workshop engages Federal agencies, their partners, and the Commercial Remote Sensing industry with a growing body of available remote sensing data research and assessment results. This highly regarded and independent workshop affords the opportunity for presenters to exchange information regarding the characterization and application of commercial imagery used by the public sector.  Presenters also can provide updates for current and future enhancements to existing sensors and promote new sensor uses and data products. This meeting will provide a tremendous opportunity for you to meet with other staff as well as collaborate with the rest of the Remote Sensing Network.

The Call for Abstracts for the 2019 Workshop has been extended to June 22nd. 

We very much hope that you and your technical team will be able to attend.

For more information, contact Bobbi Jo Britt, JACIE Coordinator, USGS/EROS (605)594-6826,


Greg Stensaas, JACIE Chair, USGS/EROS (605)594-2569,


Also of interest to many JACIE attendees:  The Annual ECCOE Workshop will be held on Monday, Sept. 23rd, at the same location.  For further information see:  


Schedule and Deadlines

Abstract submission opening February 2019
Abstract submission closing June 22, 2019
Acceptance notification July 7, 2019
Registration deadline September 22 2019
JACIE  workshop September 24-26 2019

Workshop Topics

  • Data Assessments
  • Calibration requirements and definitions
  • Understanding Earth Overservation Systems and their capabilities
  • Sensor/Data Calibration
  • Product Validation
  • Data Quality Measurement and enhancement
  • Data quality on science and other applications


Jacie is located in Reston, Va.

United States Geological Survey building in Reston, VA

United States Geological Survey building 
Meeting Room: Dallas Peck Auditorium  
12201 Sunrise Valley Dr, 

Reston, VA 20192


Travel Presentation:  How to get to USGS



The Growing number of commercial sources for remotely sensed data offers users more choices than ever before! The key to using data from these new sources is understanding their characteristics and capabilities, and the quality of the data they produce.


The Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation (JACIE) program was formed to leverage federal agencies’ resources for the characterization of commercial remote sensing data and to share those results across the federal government and beyond. Consisting of representatives from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) , The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture(USDA). The JACIE team performs product analysis of commercial and other remote sensing data and information products, providing Earth Scientists and other users with awareness and independent verification of commercial imagery data quality. 


The JACIE team provides independent characterizations of delivered image and image-derived end products.  Each agency team member brings their resources and strengths to this task, providing federal users in-depth assessments of commercial imagery quality. JACIE team efforts are instrumental in several improvements to commercial image product quality and have enhanced working relationships between government and the commercial remote sensing industry.