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Diagram of the DUNEX Pea Island Field Site

October 2021 (approx.)

Detailed Description

A view of the Pea Island instrumentation using preliminary imagery data to create structure-from-motion products (orthoimage and elevation model) of the site. The color change on the beach roughly corresponds to the lower beach where cusps form and the lighter sand is the upper beach.

  • Fixed GCP – Fixed Ground Control Point. These checkerboard-patterned symbols are set in place on the ground so aerial imagery collected during the experiment had specific reference points to ensure accurate positioning and measurements.
  • MET Station – Meteorological Station. These stations collected measurements on temperature, wind speed and direction, humidity, rainfall, and barometric pressure.
  • XS-# - Cross-shore Poles - These numbers indicate the numbers of each instrumentation station attached to poles across the beach. Each of these stations had many sensors attached to measure water levels and more.


Public Domain.

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