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Mineral production lifecycle from exploration through reclamation

Detailed Description

Artistic rendition of the mineral lifecycle from a natural state through to exploration, permitting, mining, and reclamation. Designed for the Minerals Lifecycle Integrated Science Team to depict one aspect of their science focus.

This spiral represents the cycle of mining, it is important to note the end of this cycle does not return to the initial state, hence the spiral.  Beginning with “natural state”, we have the beauty of a southwestern landscape, largely arid with a single spring.  Native species are depicted here – both plant and animal.  Next “exploration” is shown in rock with a rock hammer as well as a sediment core.  The “o” in “exploration” represents a compass. “Permitting” is represented with paperwork, and drawn in a typewriter-like font. Following permitting is “mining”, in an industrial font with a mine site and breccia pipe cross section.  The last phase is “reclamation”,


Public Domain.

This figure was designed by Ben Siebers (USGS) for the Minerals Lifecycle Integrated Science Team to depict their science focus. Please contact Ben or Katie Walton Day before use.