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Climate Science Champions, Episode 4: Ferdinand Oberle, Research Oceanographer/Geologist

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Healthy coral reefs are more than just hotspots of marine biodiversity and the source of livelihood for coastal communities—they’re also invaluable to long-term resilience against storms and sea-level rise. Reefs serve as natural breakwaters, helping to dissipate wave energy before they crash ashore and flood coastlines. Along reef-lined shores of the Caribbean and Pacific Islands, USGS researchers study how stressors such as warming surface waters, nutrient runoff, and increasingly powerful storms impact the growth and health of reefs. Their work adds to a growing shift toward nature-based climate solutions: By working with nature and restoring degraded reefs, humans can reduce present and future risks to coastal communities and save coral reef ecosystems at the same time. 

Learn more about Ferdinand Oberle’s work here: 

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Music: “Satsuma Beach” by Giants’ Nest, “Jakarta” by Bonsaye, used with permission from Epidemic Sound. 

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