I Am A...Chiropterologist (Halloween Edition)

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As #BatWeek comes to an end, we figured it’s the perfect time to get a little bit more…animated. Over the last few weeks the USGS has been highlighting a handful of careers in our “I Am A..." web series. Since we are all batty at the moment, it seems like the perfect time to put the spotlight on chiropterologists, or bat scientists. One favor, though, please promise to not make fun of us if we mispronounce it. That thing is a mouthful. Regardless of how you say it, it’s an awesome job. To celebrate, check out our Halloween-themed video and see the tools of the trade that makes a chirpytypologist a choirapotamus. We said that right, right? Oh well...#FridayFeeling #FridayFun

Welcome to the "The I Am A..." series. This is the fourth video in a series of USGS whiteboard animations that highlight USGS careers. The concept is to show "what society (or my mom) thinks I do" compared with "what I really do." One image captures a more whimsical representation of a "scientist" in the field and the second demonstrates a more accurate representation of what we really look like. This episode is Chiropterologist.


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Length: 00:01:39

Location Taken: Portland, OR, US

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Suzanna Soileau, Mona Kahlil