I Am A ... Herpetologist

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I Am A ... Herpetologist is part of our "I Am A..." series of USGS whiteboard animations that highlight USGS careers. The concept is to show "what society (or my mom) thinks I do" compared with "what I really do." One image captures a more whimsical representation of a "scientist" in the field and the second demonstrates a more accurate representation of what we really look like.

A Herpetologist is someone who studies amphibians and reptiles!  The USGS Amphibian Research and Monitoring Initiative is an "ARMI" of scientists that do this. 

Below we feature the animated video and a coloring page. 



Steven Sobieszczyk, USGS (Public domain.)

I Am A...Herpetologist Coloring Page

I Am A...Herpetologist Coloring Page.  Click to download.

(Credit: Steven Sobieszczyk , USGS. Public domain.)