Suzanna Soileau



M.E. Adult and Higher Education. 2007. Montana State University.

B.A. Geology. 1999. DePauw University.


Research & Outreach Interests

My professional interest is in relaying technical scientific information in a manner that enables non-science audiences to gain sound, science-based knowledge, as well as appreciate and see value in projects that enhance and protect the natural resources of the Northern Rockies. I have worked with NOROCK since 2008 and my primary duties include outreach and communication of Center science activities, website management and development, technical editing, field work related to soil and water resource sciences, and serve as the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Center.

My professional background includes three seasons with the National Park Service as an interpretive ranger, two years as a chemist with the Montana Department of Agriculture, and seven years with Montana State University as a research associate with the Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences performing on-the-ground water quality monitoring projects and designing natural resource science education materials for diverse audiences such as educators, tribal entities, and agricultural communities. I also develop and deliver online water quality and soil science graduate courses for teachers and professional practitioners through the MSU Masters of Science in Science Education program.

My research background is diverse. My technical, science-based research experience has involved the study of saline-sodic water management, agricultural pharmaceutical residue in surface water, and stream and spring water quality monitoring. My education-based research projects include educational impact assessments of various audiences such as educators, Extension faculty, agricultural and non-agricultural communities, and tribal communities. From 2007 – 2009, I also served as the program evaluation specialist for the USDA Region 8 Northern Plains & Mountains Water Quality Program.