Flood Inundation Mapping Toolbox

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The FIM Toolbox contains comprehensive information on the Flood Inundation Mapping program, including how to develop a flood inundation map library. Resources include process documents, scientific and technical requirements, forms and templates, outreach and educational materials, and contact information. The FIM Toolbox is updated as new resources become available.

It is the policy of the USGS to publish only those flood inundation maps that meet USGS standards: all FIM Libraries must be adequately documented, peer-reviewed, meet USGS standards, and be referenced to an active USGS streamgage.

There are two different USGS approved FIM library processes:

  1. The traditional USGS FIM Library, which undergoes the USGS review process and is approved by a USGS Bureau Approving Official, and which results in an official USGS report. The requirements for a traditional USGS FIM library can be found in the USGS Flood Inundation Map Development and Documentation Standards policy memo.
  2. A Furnished FIM Library, which is reviewed and approved by the Center Director of the USGS Water Science Center which oversees the USGS streamgage being referenced. The requirements for a Furnished FIM library can be found in the USGS Furnished Flood Inundation Map Policy memo.

Here are some helpful documents that may help illustrate the process and requirements of creating a flood inundation library: