FIM Toolbox: Outreach and Education Resources

Science Center Objects

Outreach and education resources to help build flood inundation libraries.

Program Information

Flood Inundation Types Science Overview slides - 43 slides describing Flood Inundation Map creation methods and types 
Updated 10/25/17, PowerPoint, 24 MB

Program overview slides - 45 slides describing the FIM program 
Updated 9/7/16, PowerPoint, 21 MB

FIM and USGS Mission Areas - 22 slides that show links between FIMI and USGS Mission Areas.
Updated 3/5/11, PowerPoint, 9 MB

Detailed Project Needs - 14 slides that illustrate the detailed steps and need for developing a FIM library project
Updated 9/23/15, PowerPoint, 5MB

Program Information Sheet - Two-page information sheet explaining the program and library creation Print Quality
Updated 1/4/13, pdf, 8.5 x 11 inches, 3MB

Program Poster of the Information Sheet for printing 
Updated 9/21/15, pdf, 36x44 inches, 43 MB


FIM Mapper User Testing   

Training for using the FIM Mapper - 33 slides
Updated 1/13/14, PowerPoint, 25 MB

Public Mapper with approved data