Julia G Prokopec


Julia Prokopec is a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey, Upper Midwest Water Science Center, in Mounds View, Minnesota. She began as a student in 2011 at the Michigan Water Science Center in Lansing, Michigan as a student hydrologic technician. She received her A.S. in Watershed Science from Vermilion Community College in 2012, and her B.S. in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Geohydrology from Bemidji State in 2014. Julia has worked on projects studying groundwater and surface water interaction, persistence of pesticides in groundwater and surface water, and water quality monitoring. Her focus is hydraulic modeling and flood-inundation mapping where she has lead studies to be used by communities for hazard mitigation. 

Work Experience

  • Collect groundwater and surface water samples
  • Measure discharge and groundwater levels
  • Survey bathymetry using GNSS and Total Stations
  • Compute precipitation, water level, and water quality data

Additional Training

  • Field Water-Quality Methods for Groundwater and Surface Water
  • Indirect Discharge Measurements
  • Basic Hydraulic Principles
  • Graphical Constituent Loading Analysis System (GCLAS)
  • Advanced HEC-RAS, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers