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Date published: February 10, 2020

SPCMSC Scientist Gives Invited Talk at Marine Natural Products Gordon Research Conference

Dr. Christina Kellogg will give an invited talk titled "Deep-Sea Coral Microbiomes as a Source for Novel Natural Products" at the 2020 Marine Natural Products Gordon Research Conference.

Date published: February 10, 2020

Sediment trap in Gulf of Mexico recovered one last time, marking the culmination of a 12-year time series

Julie Richey, Caitlin Reynolds, and colleagues retrieved a sediment trap from the northern Gulf of Mexico during a 3-day cruise (February 7–9, 2020) on board the R/V Pelican. The trap was deployed in 1,200 m of water in 2008 and had been collecting sinking particles from the water column to be used in paleoclimate proxy-calibration studies. 

Date published: February 4, 2020

USGS collaborates with National Park Service to study threatened coral reefs in American Samoa

USGS scientists from the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center and the St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center are cooperating with the National Park Service to better understand links between coastal groundwater and coral reef health on the island of Ofu in the National Park of American Samoa (NPSA).

Date published: January 31, 2020

Protocols for improving sea-level reconstructions in the western Atlantic

Anastasios Stathakopoulos (Oceanographer) and Lauren Toth (Research Oceanographer) published a new article titled “A revised Holocene coral sea-level database from the Florida reef tract, USA.”

Date published: January 30, 2020

Tools Roundtable Session at the Social Coast Forum 2020

Kara Doran and Heather Schreppel will be participating in the Tools and Job Aid Roundtable session at the Social Coast Forum, February 4–7, in Charleston, South Carolina. They will provide a suite of GIS-based geonarratives (i.e. story maps) to introduce the USGS Coastal Change...

Date published: January 27, 2020

Special Issue Highlights One of the Most Extensive Gas Hydrate Datasets Ever Collected

The USGS and its research partners in India and Japan have reported on one of the most extensive data sets ever collected on the occurrence of natural gas hydrate.

Date published: December 31, 2019

The Challenges of Arctic Fieldwork

On a far-away island along Alaska’s North Slope coast, conducting fieldwork can be challenging.

Date published: December 31, 2019

Resilience along the West Coast—Science and Policy Coming Together to Strengthen Communities and the Environment

On Dec. 4, 2019, USGS scientist Patrick Barnard participated with other panelists in a congressional briefing looking at the issue of coastal impacts and solutions to lessen risk from sea-level rise, coastal inundation and storms along the west coast of the U.S.

December 31, 2019

Sound Waves Newsletter - October-December 2019

The USGS loses a dear friend, the challenges of conducting Arctic fieldwork, congressional briefing on coastal impacts and resiliency, the USGS at the St. Petersburg Science Festival, and more in this October-December 2019 issue of Sound Waves.

Date published: December 31, 2019

News Briefs - October-December 2019

Coastal and marine news highlights from across the USGS

This article is part of the October-December 2019 issue of the Sound Waves newsletter.

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Date published: December 31, 2019

USGS Loses a Dear Friend and Colleague, Barbara Lidz

The USGS recently lost a dear friend and colleague, Barbara Lidz, who passed away Thursday, September 26, 2019.