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Update on Upcoming Reprocessing of Landsat 8 Data 

January 29, 2021

As previously announced on January 14, 2021, NASA and USGS calibration and validation engineers have observed a slow reduction in the radiometric response from Landsat 8's Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) since ​November 2020. 

Artist rendering Landsat 8

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The Landsat Calibration and Validation Team will continue monitoring the TIRS instrument response with higher frequency calibration collects through the end of February 2021. Once characterization is complete, new TIRS calibration parameters will be used to reprocess all Landsat 8 data acquired since November 1, 2020 to present into Collection 1 and Collection 2 tiered products. 

Currently, all Landsat 8 data acquired since December 16, 2020 (DOY351) is being held in Real-Time tiered status until an accurate correction for this TIRS effect can be developed and applied. Landsat Level-2 and Level-3 science products are also not available for this period. 

The USGS will provide an update once characterization and assessment activities are complete, and a reprocessing timeline has been determined. 

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