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An official USGS software project is code reviewed and approved at the bureau-level for distribution.

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Computes estimates of survival-movement and capture probability for open capture-recapture models.


Compares estimates of survival (or any normally distributed parameter estimates).


Tests the hypothesis of prey-selectivity based on random samples of predator scats.


Estimates fatalities using raw counts of wildlife fatalities, trial experiments for carcass detection probability and persistence time.

SPECtrum Processing Routines (SPECPR)

SPECPR is an Interactive One Dimensional Array Processing System, with the tools needed for reflectance spectroscopy analysis. It also has tools to do a lot of other tasks and analyses of x,y paried data.

SeisRisk III

Seisrisk III is the last published version of a series of programs used to produce probabilistic earthquake ground motion hazard maps for the United States from 1972 to 1992.

Slick Package

The slick package uses fault slip data (either field observations or from focal mechamism) to find the stress tensor that best explains the observations. Inputs are the orientation and slip direction of a set of fault planes.

BAND2: A Computer Program for Sample Size Computations for Banding Studies

Computes the number of animals that must be banded in order to achieve a specified level of precision for survival rates estimated using band recovery models.


Computes the power of between-model likelihood ratio tests.


Computes estimates of survival and temporary emigration under the "Open Robust Design".


Computes estimates of survival and capture probability for capture-recapture experiments on open animal populations.


Computes estimates of capture probability and population size for "closed" population capture-recapture data.