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Advisory Council for Climate Adaptation Science

The nomination period for the Advisory Council for Climate Adaptation Science is now closed. We hope to have members selected and appointed soon.  Please direct questions to 

The U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) is establishing the Advisory Council for Climate Adaptation Science to advise the Secretary of the Interior on the operations of the Climate Adaptation Science Centers (CASCs).



The Council will provide recommendations on:

  • the contents of a national strategy identifying key climate adaptation science priorities to advance the management of natural and cultural resources in the face of climate change;
  • the nature, extent, and quality of relations with and engagement of key partners at the regional/Climate Adaptation Science Center (CASC) level;
  • the nature and effectiveness of mechanisms to effectively deliver science information and tools, and build capacity, to aid the natural and cultural resource management community and decision-makers in adapting to a changing climate;
  • mechanisms that may be employed by the NCASC to ensure high standards of scientific quality and integrity in its products, and to review and evaluate the performance of individuals CASCs, in advance of opportunities to re-establish expiring agreements; and
  • the integration of equity, particularly for historically underserved communities, in the operation of the NCASC and regional CASCs.


The Council will consist of members from the following interests:

  • State and local governments, including state membership entities,

  • Non-governmental organizations whose primary mission is conservation and related scientific and advocacy activities,

  • American Indian/Alaska Native/Indigenous organizations,

  • Academia, and

  • Other sectors, environmental justice organizations, private industry.