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The Coastal Change Hazards team launched a video to describe how USGS integrates robust research, state-of-the-art capabilities, and stakeholder input to achieve coastal resilience goals.

The USGS Coastal Change Hazards (CCH) team works to identify and address the risks and consequences of coastal change hazards throughout the Nation. Coastal resilience is under threat from extreme storms, loss of protective coastal ecosystems, coastal erosion, and sea-level rise. Understanding these processes and forecasting their impacts provides crucial information for preserving coastal habitats and communities. By integrating research, technical capabilities and applications, and stakeholder engagement and communications, CCH develops thorough and accessible coastal change assessments, forecasts, and tools that help protect lives, property, and economic prosperity along our Nation’s coasts.

The team created an introductory video to demonstrate the significance of this work and describe how USGS integrates research, innovative capabilities, and stakeholder input to achieve coastal resilience goals. The USGS Coastal Change Hazards video debuted at the White House Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology Coastal Resilience Workshop in June 2021 to communicate USGS CCH work to partners across the federal family. Watch the video to learn how the CCH team encourages innovative collaboration to identify and address the Nation’s coastal change hazards challenges. 

Learn more about USGS Coastal Change Hazards.


Video Transcript
View the audio-described version.


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