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Known Issues - topoBuilder and OnDemand Topo

This page contains the most up-to-date documentation of known issues for the topoBuilder application and OnDemand Topo map products.


topoBuilder is here to stay! Thanks to a highly successful pilot project, OnDemand Topo maps are now a permanent National Map offering and will continue to be provided on a free and unlimited basis. topoBuilder enables everyone to build custom, on-demand, topographic maps; using reliable and authoritative National Map data. Stay tuned as we release additional customizations in 2023 and beyond!  

Read the full announcement here.


Last Update: 2:30pm February 2, 2023

For technical questions not covered below, please consult the topoBuilder User Guide or contact The National Map Help Desk (

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Web Application - topoBuilder

Enhancements to both the functionality and user experience of the topoBuilder application are ongoing. Known issues are listed below and are in the queue to be resolved.

  • Delivery Emails: Both Confirmation and Delivery emails are failing to send for a small subset of users. Please verify your email is properly entered. If you receive the Confirmation email you can then use the order number in the "Track" feature to review map statuses and download the maps from this location as they become available. If you do not receive a Confirmation email within 24 hours, make sure to check your spam folder, then please contact the help desk, [ADDED 2/2/2023]
  • Delivery Emails: User guide link is broken in the delivery emails. Please access the topoBuilder Application User Guide at this link or from topoBuilder until this issue can be resolved. [ADDED 12/22/2022]
  • Track Order: Track Order does not automatically refresh/update and requires manual refreshing to see the most current Order status. [ADDED 12/20/2022]  


Map Products - OnDemand Topo

The issues outlined in this section apply to the map products (known as OnDemand Topos). Known issues are listed below and are in the queue to be resolved.

Map Type – 7.5-Minute Topo
  • International Boundary Labels: The international boundary labels are missing a halo. The labels still appear in the map. [ADDED 12/8/2022] 
  • Southern Florida: Requests for maps in southern Florida and the Florida Keys will sometimes not be fulfilled. [ADDED 09/14/2022]
  • Contours: May be seen offshore in oceans, lakes, and rivers. [ADDED 02/22/2022]
  • TIFF Output: May appear with black bands along the left and right sides of the map. [ADDED 02/22/2022]
  • Death Valley, CA: Requests for maps in and around the Death Valley area are unable to be fulfilled at this time. [ADDED 02/22/2022]
  • Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, & American Samoa: Due to the limited nature of the data available for these areas, features may be absent from one or more of the following themes. [ADDED 02/22/2022]:
    • Structures
    • Hydrography (Streams, Rivers, Lakes, and Ocean)
    • Elevation (Shaded relief and/or contours)
    • Transportation
    • Populated places
    • Imagery


Recently Resolved Issues

Issues identified above will move to this section once a solution or fix has been implemented. Bug fixes, changes, enhancements, & new features are also documented on the topoBuilder Release Notes page.

  • Grid Load: On-grid and custom extent maps cannot be selected until the Grid layer loads. The user will get a pop-up warning message indicating that the selection is invalid.  [RESOLVED 12/20/2022; ORIGINALLY POSTED 09/06/2022] 

  • White Screen: In the Cart tab, if the Map Type menu is collapsed (with the minus button), the application will become a blank/white screen. Refresh and/or close and reopen the browser to resolve this issue. [RESOLVED 12/20/2022; ORIGINALLY POSTED 09/06/2022] 

  • Banner missing on Mobile: The notification banner is not present in the Mobile version of the application. [RESOLVED 12/20/2022; ORIGINALLY POSTED 09/06/2022] 

  • State Route Shield Legend Item: In maps that do not include US Forest Service boundary data, the State Routes legend symbol is missing. The State Routes features still appear as expected in the map. [RESOLVED 12/20/2022; ORIGINALLY POSTED 09/06/2022] 

  • Populated Places Layer Removal: Populated place names are not always removed when a user “unchecks” Geographic Names in the User Selected Layers option in the web application. [RESOLVED 12/20/2022; ORIGINALLY POSTED 09/06/2022] 

  • National Grid: An empty, red-outlined box may be shown in place of the usual U.S. National Grid information box found in the lower left margin under the North Arrow. [RESOLVED 12/20/2022; ADDED 03/07/2022]

  • Wetlands: Wetland polygons will not be included in any map products due to an underlying data issue. [RESOLVED 10/05/2022; ORIGINALLY POSTED 09/27/2022]