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Known Issues - topoBuilder and OnDemand Topo

This page contains the most up-to-date documentation of known issues for the topoBuilder application and OnDemand Topo map products.

Last Update: January 19, 2024

For technical questions not covered below, please consult the topoBuilder User Guide or contact The National Map Help Desk (

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Web Application - topoBuilder

Enhancements to both the functionality and user experience of the topoBuilder application are ongoing. Known issues are listed below and are in the queue to be resolved.

  • Grid Index: The grid for both 100K Topo and 7.5-Minute Topo can take some time to fully load, especially when zooming and panning quickly.  When users try to select a map before the grid has fully loaded, they will get an Error Popup: “Unable to select map at this location”. The user must wait for the grid to load and then they will be able to make their selection. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • Custom Select Extent: Custom extent AOIs cannot be moved via the Move Tool in some situations when they overlap other AOI extents. [ADDED 10/30/2023]


Map Products - OnDemand Topo

The issues outlined in this section apply to the map products (known as OnDemand Topos). Known issues are listed below and are in the queue to be resolved.


Map Type - 100K Topo
  • TIFF Output: May appear oversized when brought into GIS software. [ADDED 01/19/2024] 
  • Natural Feature & Populated Place Labels: Natural feature and populated place labels may be offset in the Pacific Territories. This is due to an underlying data issue. [ADDED 01/19/2024] 
  • Grid Labels: Grid labels may overlap the map area. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • PDF Legend: OnDemand Topo legend includes Shaded Relief, which is not currently offered in the 100K Topo product. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • Product Metadata: 100K Topo metadata does not conform to the Content Standard for Digitial Geospatial Metadata (CSDGM), otherwise known as the FGDC metadata standard, Document Type Definition (DTD), which establishes the formalized XML metadata structure and content. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • Boundary Symbology: Boundaries may appear as a ‘starburst’ due to current symbology. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • Contours: May be seen offshore in oceans, lakes, and rivers. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • TIFF Output: May appear with black bands running vertically through the map extent. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • Land Cover: Data is intermittently duplicated in New Mexico, causing a “tiled” appearance in the PDF product. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • 100K Source Data Availability: Due to the early release of generalized The National Map data, limited data coverage or minor data errors may exist. The generalized data is currently only intended for cartographic display at a scale of 1:100,000. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • Map Title: Long Map Titles may be overprinted by the legend making them illegible. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
Map Type – 7.5-Minute Topo 
  • Boundary Labels: Boundary labels along county and state lines may overlap. [ADDED 10/30/2023] 
  • Boundary Symbology: Boundaries may appear as a ‘starburst’ due to current symbology. [ADDED 10/30/2023]  
  • International Boundary Labels: The international boundary labels are missing a halo. The labels still appear in the map. [ADDED 12/8/2022] 
  • Southern Florida: Requests for maps in southern Florida and the Florida Keys will sometimes not be fulfilled. [ADDED 09/14/2022]
  • Contours: May be seen offshore in oceans, lakes, and rivers. [ADDED 02/22/2022]
  • TIFF Output: May appear with black bands along the left and right sides of the map. [ADDED 02/22/2022]
  • Death Valley, CA: Requests for maps in and around the Death Valley area are unable to be fulfilled at this time. [ADDED 02/22/2022]
  • Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, & American Samoa: Due to the limited nature of the data available for these areas, features may be absent from one or more of the following themes. [ADDED 02/22/2022]:
    • Structures
    • Hydrography (Streams, Rivers, Lakes, and Ocean)
    • Elevation (Shaded relief and/or contours)
    • Transportation
    • Populated places
    • Imagery


Recently Resolved Issues

Issues identified above will move to this section once a solution or fix has been implemented. Bug fixes, changes, enhancements, & new features are also documented on the topoBuilder Release Notes page.

  • Mobile: The mobile application fails to load. To work around this issue users may adjust the screen size by transitioning to landscape mode. [ADDED 11/01/2023; RESOLVED 01/19/24] (Web Application)
  • Boundary Labels: Duplicate or excessive boundary labels may be present. [ADDED 10/30/2023; RESOLVED 01/19/24] (100K Topo)
  • Trail Labels: Trail labels may have duplicate ‘Trl’ at end of name. [ADDED 10/30/2023; RESOLVED 01/19/24] (7.5-Minute Topo)
  • Natural Feature Labels: Natural features may have duplicate labels or may be missing labels. This is due to an underlying data issue. [ORIGINALLY POSTED 06/23/2023; REVISED 10/30/2023; RESOLVED 01/19/24] (7.5-Minute Topo)