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The goal of our user engagement teams are to gather feedback on the products and services of The National Map so that future development will best meet USGS and Department of the Interior science objectives and provide the greatest value and impact for the Nation. Focus Areas include Elevation, Hydrography, Hazards, and Published Maps Products and Services.

The National Map partner and user engagement activities are conducted by a network of liaisons and coordinators:

  • User Engagement leadership in the National Geospatial Program provides strategic direction and oversight to the range of The National Map partnership and user activities.
  • Federal Geospatial Liaisons work with the Federal Geographic Data Committee and other Federal agencies to develop and manage partnerships at the national and programmatic level to support development and use of The National Map.
  • Focus Area Coordinators lead and manage outreach to the Focus Areas of The National Map; they also provide direction and guidance to USGS National Map Liaisons for expanding user outreach. Focus Areas are:
  • Alaska Mapping Project Manager coordinates National Geospatial Program efforts to modernize mapping for the State of Alaska.
  • The National Map Liaisons facilitate partnerships and agreements that improve the data holdings and the products and services of The National Map. Many liaisons also provide outreach and support to the user Focus Areas of Elevation, Hydrography, Hazards, and Published Maps Products and Services.
  • Associate National Map Liaisons are part-time liaisons who support both partnerships and user engagement and provide linkages to USGS science centers.