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This webpage contains links to USGS Science Centers and their social media feeds and a list of contacts and a directory of staff members of the USGS Region 7: Upper Colorado Basin Regional Director's Office.


Social Media


Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Science Coordinator William J Andrews, Ph.D.
Chief of Staff Adrienne Bartlewitz 720-692-6102
Senior Scientist Katharine Graham Dahm, Ph.D. 303-236-9757
Science Program Officer and Tribal Liaison Jessica Driscoll, PhD 303-236-4979
Senior Scientist Jeanne E Godaire 303-704-9744
Regional Director, Rocky Mountain Peter Griffiths 303-236-4836
Budget Analyst Amber R Hari 303-236-5618
Regional Management Officer Eric F Hensel 303-236-5435
Emeritus Scientist Robert J Horton, Ph.D. 303-236-1338
Deputy Regional Director for Science Allison A Shipp 573-999-4258
Regional Safety Officer Roger A Smith 303-236-5733
QMS Manager Tracy Yager 303-236-5437