Floodplain and Channel Evaluation Tool (FACET)

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Floodplain and Channel Evaluation Tool (FACET) GIF

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The Floodplain and Evaluation Tool (FACET) is an open-source python tool that maps the floodplain extent and derives reach-scale summaries of stream and floodplain geomorphic measurements from high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs).

FACET allows the user to hydrologically condition the DEM, generate a stream network, select one of two options for stream bank identification, map the floodplain extent using a Height Above Nearest Drainage (HAND) approach, and calculate stream and floodplain metrics using three approaches. 

The current version of FACET was built to process 3-m DEMs in the Chesapeake and Delaware Basins. Stay tuned for future FACET updates to run DEMs in other basins.

FACET is available at https://code.usgs.gov/water/facet.