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Brandon T Forbes

Brandon Forbes leads the USGS hydrologic monitoring program that provides real-time water resource data in the State of Colorado.

Brandon started his career in 2008 as a Hydrologic Technician with the Arizona Water Science Center in Tucson.  His work focused on streamgage calibration, surveying, and water-use investigations.  In 2012, Brandon joined the team as a Hydrologist and focused his work on surface-water modeling to improve the understanding of ephemeral river channel processes.  During that time his focus turned to the use of close-range remote sensing techniques using uncrewed aircraft systems to enhance data collection.  Brandon also specialized in the response to natural disasters and led teams in the collection of information to better understand the effects of major riverine flooding in Texas, flooding and storm surge during Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Maria and supported the response to the 2018 eruption of Kilauea. 

In 2021, Brandon joined the Colorado Water Science Center as the Studies Section Chief of the Southeastern Office in Pueblo.  Brandon worked with a team of Hydrologists and Hydrologic Technicians studying the water resources of the Arkansas River Basin.  In 2022, Brandon became the Associate Center Director overseeing the Hydrologic Data Collection Program for the State of Colorado.  Brandon works with a team of about 60 Hydrologic Technicians who maintain the roughly 355 streamgages, 110 raingages/meteorological sites, and 125 real-time water quality monitoring stations within Colorado.