Daryll A Pope


I am currently managing the USGS work on the National Ground Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN). The NGWMN is a compilation of selected wells from existing Federal and State monitoring efforts to create a network to allow assessment of long-term water-level and water-quality trends at a National scale. The Network was created by the Subcommittee on Ground Water (SOGW) of the Federal Advisory Committee on Water Information (ACWI). My work involves coordinating with the SOGW and managing the USGS work on the NGWMN. Information on the NGWMN is available at: http://cida.usgs.gov/ngwmn/

Previously I served as the New Jersey Water Center Groundwater Specialist and worked on groundwater projects of my own. As Groundwater specialist, I worked with groundwater projects to provide technical guidance, worked on the New Jersey Water-level monitoring network, and oversaw work on the Center groundwater databases. My project work involved groundwater modeling in support of water supply issues. Most of my work has been in the Coastal Plain aquifer system of New Jersey.

Specific areas of interest are; groundwater modeling, groundwater databases, GIS, Water use data, water availability assesment, and groundwater monitoring networks.