David JA Wood



Ph.D. Ongoing, Montana State University, Bozeman, Ecology and Environmental Sciences

M.S. 2007. University of Arizona, Tucson. Wildlife and Fisheries Management

B.S. 2003. University of Arizona, Tucson. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



David Wood is an ecologist and conservation biologist with research interests in applied ecology to inform management of communities and ecosystems. He has research experience in forested and rangeland systems covering disturbance regimes, land use change, management impacts, and population biology. As a current student at Montana State University, his focus is on combining monitoring tools to examine the temporal and geographic trends in ecosystem condition of Eastern Montana grasslands and shrub steppes and using these data to inform multiscale assessments. In addition, David worked for the Bureau of Land Management for ten years at the field, state, and national levels. His experiences in multiple use management includes managing restorations programs, large scale planning and assessment, renewable energy, resource management planning, and conservation biology. In addition, David acts as a science advisor and liaison to Bureau of Land Management offices in Montana and the Dakotas. In this role he focuses on bringing actionable science to land management agencies and partnerships in the region, as well as designing and implementing broad scale monitoring programs.