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Emily E Woodward

Emily Woodward is a Physical Scientist with the Pennsylvania Water Science Center.

My research is focused on the fate and transport of organic contaminants in the environment, with a special interest in agricultural systems. In graduate school (MS and PhD from Penn State University), my research focused on estrogen hormones in Pennsylvania soils, surface water, and groundwater at a site where wastewater was used to irrigate forested and cropped lands. During my post-doc at the USGS California Water Science Center, I studied the fate and transport of the nitrification inhibitor nitrapyrin and herbicide safeners in agricultural soils and associated drainage streams. I spent one year after my post-doc at the University of California, Davis working at the Russell Ranch Sustainable Agriculture Facility where I studied nitrate leaching in different California cropping systems and soil health in processing tomato systems throughout California's Central Valley. I'm excited to be back with the USGS at the Pennsylvania Water Science Center working on a wide range of studies related to contaminants, water quality, agriculture, and the environment!


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