Jennifer M Cartwright, Ph.D.


Jennifer Cartwright is an ecologist and geographer at the Tennessee office of the Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center. She investigates the abiotic drivers of biodiversity across a range of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Recent work has included remote-sensing analysis of drought patterns, studies of inundation patterns in seasonal wetlands, assessments of springs as potential ecohydrologic refugia from climate change, and studies of climate-sensitive ecosystems supporting endemic plant species. Techniques include landscape-level geospatial investigations, climate-change analysis of specialized ecosystems, and ecological applications of remote-sensing technologies. 

Current projects

Understanding Impacts on Southeastern Grasslands from Climate Change, Urban Expansion, and Invasive Species

Identifying and Evaluating Refugia from Drought and Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest

Mapping Climate Change Resistant Vernal Pools in the Northeastern U.S.

Clarifying Science Needs for Southeastern Grasslands