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Jon Keeley

Dr. Keeley is currently a research scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey, stationed at Sequoia National Park.

Prior to this appointment, he served one year in Washington, D.C. as director of the ecology program for the National Science Foundation. He was professor of biology at Occidental College for 20 years and spent a sabbatical year at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. He has more than 350 publications in national and international scientific journals and books. His research has focused on ecological impacts of wildfires as well as other aspects of plant ecology, including rare plants, rare habitats such as vernal pools, and plant physiology. In 1985 he was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship and is a Fellow of the Ecological Society of America and an Honorary Lifetime Member of the California Botanical Society. He has served on the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning Environmental Review Board, and the State of California Natural Communities Conservation Program (NCCP) Board of Scientific Advisors.



Professional Experience

  • U.S. Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center, Research Scientist

    (ST Scientist), 2015–present

    (GS series 0408), 1998–present

  • University of California, Los Angeles, Adjunct Full Professor, 2001-present

  • Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, Research Associate, 1997–present

  • National Science Foundation, Program Director 1997–1998

  • Occidental College,

    Professor  1988–1998

    Department Chair  1982–1988

    Assist/Assoc Professor  1977–1988

  • University of Cape Town, Visiting Professor  1990

Education and Certifications

  • Ph.D. (Botany) University of Georgia, Athens, 1977

  • M.S.  (Biology) San Diego State University, 1973

  • B.S.  (Biology) San Diego State University, 1971

Honors and Awards

  • Fellow, Ecological Society of America, 2014

  • Distinguished MEDECOS Fellow, 2011

  • USGS Performance Award, 2011

  • USGS Star Award, 2008

  • Honorary Lifetime Member, California Botanical Society, 1998

  • Fellow, Southern California Academy of Sciences,  l994

  • Guggenheim Fellow,  l985–l986

  • Sterling Award for Outstanding Teaching,  l985

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