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Kirk A. Miller (Former Employee)

Kirk retired from the USGS in February, 2021.

Kirk Miller was the USGS’s Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center's Chief of the Hydrologic Data Section. In this capacity, Kirk was responsible for ensuring over 30 scientists in five locations have the resources required to provide timely, high-quality, water-resources data from a network of more than 300 monitoring sites across Wyoming and Montana. Kirk has served in that role as a Data Chief since 2004. During that period, he also served on a user group guiding development of NWISWeb, the USGS’ primary product for water-resources data dissemination. He also provided field and training support to the National Science Foundation’s McMurdo Dry Valleys long-term ecological research program in Antarctica. From 1988 to 2004, Kirk served as a principal investigator on a flood-frequency regionalization study, on the USGS’ National Water-Quality Assessment Program’s Yellowstone River Basin study, and on county-wide water-resource assessments. He also assisted on groundwater-quality and glacial geochemistry investigations. In 1986, Kirk began his career as a physical science technician for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management before he joined the USGS as a hydrologic technician. Kirk has a bachelor of science in geology from the University of Wyoming.