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Meredith A Hartwell

Meredith Hartwell has worked with the Southwest Biological Science Center and Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center since 2010.

Meredith manages communications and outreach-related activities for the USGS Southwest Biological Science Center as a public affairs specialist. She serves as the Office of Communications and Publishing (OCAP) media liaison, participates in Ecosystems, Digital Services, and OCAP Communities of Practice, and oversees public and stakeholder outreach. Her experience includes content creation and management of Drupal CMS website and social media platforms as well as translating scientific information into plain language for internal and external audiences, including following the principles of the Unified National External Communications Framework (“One USGS”). She writes and edits news releases, science synopses, annual reports, and other outreach materials. She oversees a science publication library digital archive, manages the SW historic Repeat Photography Collection and staff, facilitates public access to materials, produces a newsletter of SBSC's activities and publications, and tracks and circulates published products.