Michelle A Nott


Michelle Nott (formerly Lutz) is a Physical Scientist at the USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center. She started at the Center in 2001, and has worked on various projects since then. For several years she worked intensively with the NAWQA Mercury Topical Team, investigating biogeochemical cycling of mercury through geographically diverse ecosystems. Her emphasis was on streambed sediment and consideration of the distribution and prevalence of various bed sediment characteristics on interpretation of analytical results. Following the completion of this project, she turned her attention to more local studies. Her recent work has focused on investigations in urban streams with chronically depressed dissolved oxygen levels, as well as investigations of biofilm communities growing in streams receiving airport deicer runoff. In addition to these more focused studies, she also provides field, GIS, and database support to other local and regional projects.



B.S. in Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000