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Nancy A Barth

Nancy is a hydrologist with the Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center in Helena, Montana. She specializes in statistical hydrology: peak-flow flood frequency analysis and regression, mixed population analysis, nonstationarity and changes in seasonality.

Nancy is currently a co-investigator on a multi-year, multi-phase regional study evaluating potential nonstationarity in annual peak flows and changes in seasonality related to hydroclimatic variability in the Midwest. And she is currently updating at-site peak-flow frequency analysis (FFA) in South Dakota. Previously she worked on studies to update FFA estimates at both gaged and ungaged sites in California and Alaska. She also worked with the USGS Office of Surface Water as a corresponding member of the Hydrologic Frequency Analysis Workgroup (HFAWG) under ACWI’s Subcommittee on Hydrology to update the Federal guidelines for determining flood frequency estimates in Bulletin 17C. In 2018, she completed her doctoral research at the University of Iowa in Civil and Environmental Engineering focused on improving flood frequency estimates based on the hydrometeorologic processes that drive much of the mixed populations of peak streamflows throughout the western United States. Her doctoral research built upon her work as a hydrologist with the USGS to better understand the complex process-driven flood hydrology found in the western United States.