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Nancy Baker

Nancy Baker has over thirty years of service as a hydrologist and geographer studying the connections between landscape processes and water quality in the Nation’s rivers and streams.

Nancy Baker integrates her knowledge of hydrology and geographic information systems (GIS) to design, execute, interpret, and report on studies of local, regional and national scope. She has participated in studies in a variety of landscapes including 1) agricultural chemical transport, 2) agricultural pesticide use, 3) ground water recharge in fracture rock areas, and 4) green infrastructure practices in urban areas. She works with multiple types of temporal and spatial data to process and harmonize water-quality, climate and water budget, soils, land use, demographic, and hydrologic data.

Areas of Expertise

Nancy has considerable experience using GIS, scripting, and statistical software to automate, compile and analyze large datasets. She often designs and creates information graphics that translate complex scientific findings into visual medium that can be easily communicated to stakeholders and the public.