Paul Misut

Environmental engineer and scientist with over thirty years of government experience in the field of hydrology. 



My work is to plan, direct, and assist in all aspects of design and implementation of groundwater and geochemical projects.  I instruct employees in methods of water data collection and analysis, provide technical advice and guidance on analysis methods and tools.  I present information to the public and scientists through meetings and conferences. I provide technical reviews for other professionals.

My primary collaborators are within the USGS , U.S. Navy, U.S. EPA, New York State Department of Environmental Protection, and New York City Department of Environmental Protection.  My typical role in research teams is as a team member

The theme of my research program has become groundwater flow modeling.  The major theme of my research program is modeling of the Long Island, New York region.  Millions depend on Long Island aquifers for drinking water and use its receiving water bodies.  In addition to the need to understand system function with respect to questions such as how much water is available, problems include contamination from human activities at the landsurface, and saltwater intrusion from excessive pumping and/or sea level rise.  Throughout my career, I have advanced the understanding of the Long Island system as a whole and at specific locations through application and development of emerging techniques. In my assignments, I am typically responsible for those project portions that I am lead author of reports about, so please see my bibliography.  My report topics include application of transitional probability-based geostatistics, density-dependent flow modeling, climate change scenario modeling, design of remediation systems, delineations of contributing areas, and coupling of groundwater flow models with geochemical models. For the last decade, I have been lead author on all district groundwater flow modeling projects and  model project components treating Long Island, New York.

A minor theme of my research is groundwater flow modeling of regions beyond Long Island, and groundwater modeling generally.  My main report topics  beyond Long Island are subterranean mine flooding and development of web interfaces to display three dimensional transient state model simulations.

I have worked to transfer my knowledge to the public through development of graphical user interfaces and helped to shape USGS methods for dissemination of modeling data releases. I have advocated for and assisted in the development of the USGS GUI Modelmuse and related codes.

My recent research accomplishments include novel transitional probability methods to represent aquifer heterogeneity in the  main water supply aquifer of Long Island, and high density particle tracking simulations to delineate contributing area of unprecedented smoothness (>greater than 10 million particles simulated simultaneously).


Supporting Information

A. Current and Recent Projects

A1 PROJECT TITLE: Development of Solute Transport and Groundwater Flow Models, Bethpage New York

ROLE:  Lead authorship of reports, leadership in model research and development, leadership in communicating scientific findings to end users. Evidence of frequent and effective communication of societal impact include:

  • FOIA request USGS-2019-00140 identifies me as the primary person to have responsive communications with any persons of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation ("NYSDEC") regarding the Navy/Grumman plume between June 1, 2018 and January 16, 2019.

  • FOIA request USGS-2019-00140 identified a “quite extensive” volume of responsive records requiring a narrowing of the FOIA scope.

  • Attached letter from Jason Pelton, New York State Project Chief, regarding my  role in providing the scientific basis for remedial design, and public participation

  • In early 2020,  the USGS modeling effort was extended with $2 million additional funding (I am primary author of proposal).

DATES OF PROJECT (start and completion):10/2010 to present

SOURCE OF FUNDING: EPA, Navy, New York State

DESCRIPTION:  Groundwater flow models are developed for use in designing remediation systems and predicting enviromental effects including saltwater intrusion of public water supplies.



A2 PROJECT TITLE: Development of Regional Groundwater Models of Long Island,  New York

ROLE:  Leadership in project development, authorship of some reports.  Author of “Analysis of the Hydrogeologic Framework, Groundwater Availability and Water-Supply Sustainability of Western Long Island, New York”  (project proposal), lead author of Island-wide model report SIR 2016-5138, lead author of  “THE USE OF SOLUTE-TRANSPORT METHODS TO ESTIMATE TIME-VARYING NITROGEN LOADING RATES TO THE PECONIC ESTUARY RESULTING FROM WASTEWATER AND FERTILIZER INPUTS TO GROUNDWATER IN SUFFOLK COUNTY, NEW YORK” (proposal)

DATES OF PROJECT (start and completion):10/2012 to present


DESCRIPTION: Long Island, New York has groundwater sustainability issues and is in a water quality crisis due to excessive nitrgoen loading



     A3 PROJECT TITLE: Estimation of Hydraulic Properties at Well Fields, Suffolk County, N.Y.

ROLE:   Leadership in project development, authorship of reports

DATES OF PROJECT (start and completion):02/2008 to present

SOURCE OF FUNDING: Suffolk County Water Authority

DESCRIPTION: Suffolk County Water Authority  supplies ground water to over 1 million people on Long Island, and  improved understanding of its aquifer hydraulics near wellfields benefits supply management.



A4 PROJECT TITLE: Simulation of Groundwater/surface water interactions, Great Dismal Swamp, Virginia and North Carolina

ROLE:   project member responsible for cross sectional modeling

DATES OF PROJECT (start and completion):10/2010 to 2016

SOURCE OF FUNDING: National Wildlife Service

DESCRIPTION: Recent forest fires in the Great Dismal Swamp have prompted park managers to better understand the effects of climate change on park hydrology and rebuild park hydraulic structures for the fire protection and other purposes.


B. Bibliography

Published products

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C. Presentations

Invited or noteworthy presentations


C1. Misut, P.E., and Monti, J.Jr., 2009, Estimation of recharge applied to a density-dependent flow model of Manhasset Neck, Long Island, New York: First Annual PEST Conference, Bethesda, Maryland


C2. Misut, P.E., Eganhouse, R., Pontolillo, J., and Fisher, S., 2010, Identification of Oxy-PAHs In Ground Water Near the Former Gasworks at Bayshore, New York: Electric Power Research Institute Manufactured Gas Plant Symposium, San Antonio, Texas.


 C3. Misut, P.E., 2018, Technical workshop on groundwater flow modeling to support design of hydraulic containment systems: Bethpage, New York, at Northrup Grumman Corporation, New York.


Contributed presentations

C4. Monti, Jack, Jr., Misut, P.E, Busciolano, Ronald 2011Saltwater intrusion beneath Manhasset Neck: A three dimensional simulation of variable-densityin Long Island Geologists, Program for the Eighteenth Conference on Geology of Long Island and Metropolitan New York, April 9, 2011, Stony Brook, NY


C5. Misut, P.E., 2017, Effects of Climate Change on the groundwater system of Fire Island, New York, in Costal and Estuarine Reasearch Foundation Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island.



D. Professional and Scientific Service

June 10, 2019: Panelist for New York State Public Meeting to Present Amended Record of Decision, Navy Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant,  Bethpage.


2009 to present:  Designated peer reviewer of papers related to saltwater intrusion simulation, Journal of Hydrology.

E. Academic Service

Academic appointments

2012 to 2017– faculty at Stony Brook University, teaching the courses “groundwater hydrology” ESS 530 and “groundwater flow modeling” ESS 561 (cross-listed in applied mathematics department).

J. Outreach and Media Coverage

I have shown consistency and longevity in promoting groundwater modeling technologies aimed to facillitate the usage of groundwater models by the general public.  1996, I created a web site to display animations of the transient response of a three-dimensional groundwater- flow model, described in an abstract of the USGS National Computer Technology Meeting.  By 2009, I  coathoured a USGS professional which included a website that served animations of transient model simulations.   At these early dates, websites of model animations were forward-looking contribution with leadship and societal implications, paving the way for expanding media types for USGS dissemination.

L. Education


Cornell University,Philosophy,Math,B.A., 1988

SUNY Stony Brook,Hydrogeology, M.S. ,  1991                                      

Cooper Union,Civil Engineering,M.E.,1995