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Peter R. Wright

Peter's current work includes studies of groundwater flow and quality at the Jackson Hole Airport and use of DNA analyses to assess pathogenic organisms in geothermally influenced springs in Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, and Teton County, Wyoming.

Peter started his career in 1992 with the Ohio District, where he coordinated field activities for the Basewide Monitoring Program at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and worked on groundwater and surface-water quality and microbial studies. In 1998 Peter moved to Billings Montana (working for the Wyoming District) to coordinate the field activities for a water-quality assessment of the Yellowstone River Basin by the National Water Quality Assessment Program. Since moving to Montana Peter has worked on groundwater and surface-water quality studies and ecological studies including NAWQA, Powder River Basin ecology and EPA’s EMAP and NRSA programs.