Rebecca McCaffery



PhD., Fish and Wildlife Biology, 2010.
University of Montana, Missoula, Montana

BA, Biology, 2002.
Lewis and Clark College, Portland, Oregon


Population ecology and dynamics, impacts of climate change, amphibian ecology and conservation, conservation biology, wildlife ecology

Current Research Projects

1. Roles of wildlife in lakebed restoration following Elwha River dam removals. In collaboration with Olympic National Park and the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe, we are studying the abundance and distribution of small mammals on the dewatered lakebeds in association with restoration of vegetation. We are also assessing the role of ungulate browsing on revegetation processes and monitoring the presence of other wildlife species.

2. Reintroduced fisher occupancy and abundance. With park partners, I am analyzing four years of camera trapping and hair snare data collected throughout the Olympic Peninsula to evaluate the success of fisher reintroductions on the peninsula. We are also using the extensive camera-trapping dataset to examine occupancy of other species of management and conservation interest.

3. Evaluation of citizen science monitoring program for the Olympic Marmot. With Olympic Park biologist Patti Happe, I am analyzing 6 years of Olympic marmot survey data collected by volunteers to assess trends in range-wide marmot occupancy over time, to evaluate the design of the Olympic marmot monitoring program, and to develop new research and monitoring priorities for the species.

4. Amphibian population dynamics. I am involved in several ongoing projects examining amphibian population dynamics in relation to climate variation, water availability, and disease.