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Check out data sets from USGS science throughout Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, Iowa, and Arkansas.

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Geochemical data supporting a comparison of apatite between regional magmatism and the Pea Ridge Iron Oxide-Apatite-Rare Earth Element (IOA-REE) and Boss Iron Oxide-Copper-Cobalt-Gold-REE Deposits (IOCG) deposits, southeastern Missouri, USA

This data release presents high-spatial resolution geochemical analyses collected from Mesoproterozoic apatite crystals in igneous rocks from the St. Francois Mountains terrane and coeval ore rocks from the Pea Ridge iron oxide-apatite-rare earth element (IOA-REE) and Boss iron oxide-copper-gold (IOCG) deposits. These deposits are located in the southeast Missouri iron metallogenic province. These

Geochemical analyses of bauxite and associated rocks from the Arkansas bauxite region, central Arkansas

This data release compiles major and trace element analytical results of samples of bauxite (aluminum ore) and associated rocks collected from the Arkansas bauxite region, located near the center of Arkansas in Pulaski and Saline Counties. Samples were collected by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in April 2018 as part of the USGS' focus on increased understanding of the United States' critical m

Suspended-sediment concentration data from water samples collected in 2016-17 in Grand Bay, Alabama and Mississippi

Suspended-sediment transport is a critical element governing the geomorphology of tidal marshes and estuaries. Marsh elevation, relative to sea level, is maintained by both organic material and the deposition of inorganic sediment. Additionally, horizontal marsh extent is altered by lateral erosion and accretion. In wetlands within and near Grand Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, parts of t

Channel thalweg elevations for a 5 mile reach on the Maumelle River upstream of Lake Maumelle, Little Rock, Arkansas

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) in cooperation with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) did a bathymetric survey of the lower reach of the Maumelle River upstream of Lake Maumelle, near Little Rock, Arkansas, from July 9-11, 2019. Channel bed elevations (thalweg) were collected to support a USACE modeling effort on a 5-mile reach of the Maumelle River. In parts of the reach where the water

Helicopter magnetic and gravity gradiometry survey over the Pea Ridge iron mine and surrounding area, southeast Missouri, 2014

High resolution magnetic and gravity gradient data were collected using the HeliFalcon airborne gravity gradiometry system together with a stinger-mounted magnetometer. The survey took place out of the Sullivan, Missouri airport during March of 2014. The survey covers a 35 x 37 square-kilometer area centered on the Pea Ridge iron oxide-apatite rare-earth element deposit, which is located about hal

Ground-based time-domain electromagnetic data and resistivity models for the Mississippi Alluvial Plain Project

The Mississippi Alluvial Plain (MAP) Project contains several geologic units which act as important aquifers. We collected several sets of time-domain electromagnetic (TEM) data consisting of two higher-density surveys and six regional-scale transects. The higher density surveys were collected to compare and contrast to other geophysical data not included in this data release, such as airborne ele

Annual Water Data Reports - Iowa, Illinois, and Missouri

Beginning with Water Year 2006 and ending with Water Year 2013, annual water data reports were made available as individual electronic Site Data Sheets for the entire Nation for retrieval, download, and localized printing on demand. As of 2014, NWISWeb now provides an on-demand, print-ready Water-Year Summary as an annual water-data product.

Current Conditions for Arkansas - Streamflow

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Current Conditions for Arkansas: Water Quality

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Arkansas Groundwater-Quality Network

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Herbicide safeners and associated stream flow for water samples collected across Iowa and Illinois (2016-2017).

Four dichloroacetamide herbicide safeners (AD-67, benoxacor, dichlormid, and furilazole) and two co-applied herbicides (acetochlor and metolachlor) were measured in water samples from 7 streams across Iowa and Illinois. Iowa water samples were collected from March 2016 to June 2017, and Illinois water samples were collected from September 2016 to June 2017. The compounds studied are applied to cor

Operation Basement: Missouri Precambrian Sample Database

In 1968, the Missouri Geological Survey (MGS) established the Operation Basement program to address three objectives: a) to obtain drill hole and underground mining data relative to the structure and composition of the buried Precambrian basement; b) to expand mapping in the Precambrian outcrop area and conduct research related to Precambrian geology and mineral resources; and c) to publish the re