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Are You Ready To Be A Supervisor?

Leadership development should begin well before an individual transitions into a supervisory position. The USGS Supervisory Development Program provides training for those who are interested in becoming a supervisor.

This 4-part webinar series, Are You Ready To Be A Supervisor?, will answer some of the questions employees have prior to becoming a supervisor and provide a glimpse into what is involved with supervision. It is designed to offer information to USGS employees who are considering a supervisory career. The objective is to familiarize them with the "reality" of supervision before they apply for a supervisory job. The webinar series will be hosted by the USGS Supervisory Development Program and presented by in-house USGS supervisors.

Upcoming Schedule:
May 13 - What Supervisors Do
May 27 - Transitioning to a Supervisory Role
June 10 - Leading People
June 24 - Leading Teams

Tuition: No charge

Registration: Please register in DOI Talent for each of the 4 sessions you will attend. Search under COURSE using "are you ready to be a supervisor" and all 4 sessions will come up. Registration opens March 22 and closes April 23.



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Kathy Faison

Program Manager, Supervisory Development
Office of Employee Development
Phone: 303-445-4672