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Image: Epiphytes
April 21, 2000


Epiphytes in tree top at Big Cypress National Preserve.

Image: Staghorn fern
April 21, 2000

Staghorn fern

A staghorn fern growing along the trunk of a cypress tree in Big Cypress
National Preserve.

Image: Indian River Lagoon
April 20, 2000

Indian River Lagoon

Looking north from the boardwalk on the western side of Blowing Rocks
Preserve, at the exposed tidal flats of the Indian River Lagoon.

Image: Buttonwood
April 20, 2000


A buttonwood seen from the boardwalk of Blowing Rocks Preserve.

Image: Tunnel of Sea Grapes
April 20, 2000

Tunnel of Sea Grapes

Sea grapes form a tunnel over this section of the dune path at Blowing Rocks

Image: Ferns on Forest Floor
April 20, 2000

Ferns on Forest Floor

Looking down from the boardwalk at Fern Forest, ferns and other plants

Image: Tropical Hardwood Hammock
April 20, 2000

Tropical Hardwood Hammock

Looking down the boardwalk through a tropical hardwood hammock
community, at Fern Forest.

Image: Strangler Fig
April 20, 2000

Strangler Fig

Strangler fig tree that has enveloped its host tree, at Fern Forest.

Image: Red Maple Sapling
April 20, 2000

Red Maple Sapling

A red maple sapling with its new, red-colored leaves, at Fern Forest.

Image: Ferns and Lilies
April 20, 2000

Ferns and Lilies

Looking down from the boardwalk at Fern Forest, at ferns and lilies growing in
the ponded waters.

Image: Cypress Trees
April 20, 2000

Cypress Trees

Cypress trees and other vegetation seen within the ponded waters of Fern

Image: Cypress-Maple Swamp
April 20, 2000

Cypress-Maple Swamp

Looking through the cypress-maple swamp, at Fern Forest.