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Australia Wind Power from Earth as Art 4 exhibit, Landsat 8 image thumbnail

Earth As Art 4

Earth as Art 4 (EAA4) comprises 37 stunning images captured by Landsat 8, the newest Landsat Program satellite.

Landsat satellites acquire detailed views of the Earth’s surface that scientists use to determine how our planet’s landscapes are changing over time. In addition to their scientific value, however, many Landsat images are simply lovely to look at.



Shimmering blue and green mountains in a pink and brown land.

Earth As Art 3

The Earth as Art Three exhibit provides fresh and inspiring glimpses of different parts of our planet's complex surface.






Earth As Art 2

Forty-five new scenes developed for their aesthetic beauty, rather than for scientific value. The artists of this collection come from three sensors aboard satellites orbiting the Earth - Landsat 7, ASTER, and MODIS.



Earth As Art

A collection of Landsat 7 scenes created for aesthetic purposes rather than scientific interpretation.