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We study our changing planet on regional, national, and global scales. You’ll find us working from the Arctic to Africa, from America’s heartland to its coasts, and in laboratories, ground stations, universities, and research centers around the globe—and of course, at the EROS Center itself. Learn more about our work and connect with us from almost anywhere, using the tools below.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
EROS Cal/Val Center of Excellence (ECCOE) Project Manager Cody Anderson 605-594-2787
Research Geographer Roger Auch 605-594-6086
Research Physical Scientist Christopher Barber, PhD 605-594-2612
Research Geographer Stephen Boyte 605-594-6171
Research Geographer Jesslyn Brown 605-594-6003
Geographer Michael Budde 605-594-2619
Research Physical Scientist Christopher J Crawford, Ph.D. 605-594-2859
Geographer - GIS Analyst William Matthew Cushing 605-594-2766
Physical Scientist Jon Dewitz 605-594-2715
Center Director Pete Doucette 605-594-2586
Research Physical Scientist Kate Fickas, PhD 605-594-6956
Research Physical Scientist Dean Gesch, Ph.D. 605-594-6055
Ecologist Timothy Hatten 605-594-2839
Geographer Jeffrey R Irwin 605-594-2731
Geographer Steven Kambly 703-648-5094
Physical Scientist Michelle Knuppe 605-594-2615
Computer Engineer Steven T Labahn 605-594-2701
Scientist Ryan Longhenry 605-594-6179
Scientist Kurtis Nelson 605-594-2805
Geographer Diego Pedreros 805-403-9312
Geographer Birgit Peterson, PhD 605-594-2742
Geographer Sandra Poppenga 605-594-2634
Geographer Vivian Queija 605-594-6111
Ecologist Matthew Rigge 605-594-2894
Research Geographer Jennifer Rover 605-594-2761
Geographer James Rowland 605-594-6054
Computer Scientist Chris J Rusanowski 605-594-2665
Supervisory Computer Scientist Brian Sauer
Physical Scientist Kristi Sayler 605-594-6058
Research Physical Scientist Gabriel B Senay, Ph.D. 605-594-2758
Research Physical Scientist Terry Sohl 605-594-6537
RCA-EO Program Manager (USGS EROS) Greg Stensaas 605-594-2569
Research Physical Scientist Heather Tollerud 605-594-2547
Scientist Dean Tyler 605-594-2624
Research Physical Scientist George Xian 605-594-2599