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Year Published: 1984

Spectral properties of ice‐particulate mixtures and implications for remote sensing: 1. Intimate mixtures

The spectral properties of water ice‐particulate mixtures are studied for the purpose of deriving the ice and particulate abundances from remotely obtained spectra (particulates referring to nonicy materials in the form of grains). Reflectance levels and ice absorption band depths are a complex function of the single scattering albedo of the...

Clark, Roger N.; Lucey, Paul G.

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Year Published: 1983

Magnetic models of crystalline terrane; accounting for the effect of topography

Igneous rocks commonly have large magnetic susceptibilities so that high topographic relief in crystalline terrane can produce significant anomalies in aeromagnetic surveys. Topographic anomalies are particularly significant in relatively undeformed volcanic terrane because young volcanic rocks generally have large natural remanent magnetizations...

Blakely, Richard J.; Grauch, V. J.

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Year Published: 1983

Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, K-Ca, O, and H isotopic study of Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary sediments, Caravaca, Spain: evidence for an oceanic impact site

Isotopic ratios and trace element abundances were measured on samples of Ir-enriched clay at the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary, and in carbonate and marl from 5 cm below and 3 cm above the boundary. Samples were leached with acetic acid to remove carbonate, and with hydrochloric acid. Leachates and residues were measured. The Sr, Nd, O and H...

DePaolo, D.J.; Kyte, F.T.; Marshall, B.D.; O'Neil, J.R.; Smit, J.

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Year Published: 1981

Stratigraphic and economic significance of Mississippian sequence at North Georgetown Canyon, Idaho

The Mississippian sequence exposed at North Georgetown Canyon, Idaho is newly recognised as a facies belt, which adds to knowledge of Mississippian stratigraphy and petroleum geology in the Overthrust belt of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah. In the newly recognized facies belt in the Aspen Range, the Madison Group is represented by the Lodgepole...

Sando, W.J.; Sandberg, Charles; Gutschick, R.C.

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Year Published: 1978

Mahd adh Dhahab: Precambrian epithermal gold deposit in Saudi Arabia

No abstract available.

Luce, Robert W.; O'Neil, James R.; Rye, Robert O.
Mahd adh Dhahab: Precambrian epithermal gold deposit in Saudi Arabia; 1978; OFR; 78-388; Luce, Robert W.; O'Neil, James R.; Rye, Robert O.

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Year Published: 1977

Epithermal beryllium deposits in water-laid tuff, western Utah

Epithermal beryllium deposits in western Utah have distinctive geological and geochemical associations that provide guides to exploration for new resources of beryllium and associated metals. Beryllium deposits at Spor Mountain and the Honeycomb Hills are uniquely associated with topaz-bearing rhyolite of Late Tertiary age and are restricted to...

Lindsey, David A.

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Year Published: 1977

Sheeted dikes, gabbro, and pillow basalt in flysch of coastal southern Alaska

A Paleocene to Eocene(?) mafic sequence of igneous rocks on Knight Island and a Cretaceous mafic and ultramafic sequence of the Resurrection Peninsula in coastal southern Alaska are characterized by pillow basalts, sheeted dikes, and gabbro intrusions. At both localities, pillow basalts are interbedded with flysch, and the gabbros intrude both the...

Tysdal, Russell G.; Case, J. E.; Winkler, G. R.; Clark, S.H.B.

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Year Published: 1971

Glacial marine sediments in the precambrian Gowganda formation at Whitefish Falls, Ontario (Canada)

Study of a well-exposed section of the Gowganda Formation at Whitefish Falls, Ontario, suggests criteria for the recognition of glacial marine sediments. Thickness of hundreds of feet, lateral continuity, faint internal stratification, sorted lenses of sandstone and conglomerate, and dropstones characterize much of the tillite. Thickness of...

Lindsey, D.A.