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Connect with our talented staff from the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana offices. Each contributes to our science - whether it be scientific, laboratory, information technology, administrative and/or advanced technology expertise. We are a combined center of more than 160 employees. You can also discover more about the USGS and our science through social media.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Scientist Emeritus Leslie D. Arihood 317-600-2729
Hydrologist Paul Baker 317-600-2781
Hydrologist (Geog) Nancy Baker 317-600-2785
Groundwater Specialist Randall Bayless 317-600-2747
Hydrologist Erin Bertke 614-430-7712
Hydrologist Justin Boldt 502-493-1931
Supervisory Hydrologist Amie M Brady 614-430-7760
Biologist Aubrey Bunch 317-600-2783
Staff Scientist Rebecca Bushon 614-430-7783
Hydrologist Paul Buszka 317-600-2779
Physical Scientist Daniel Button 614-430-7737
Microbiologist Jessica Cicale 614-430-7719
Deputy Director Peter Cinotto 502-493-1930
Administrative Officer Tonja Clark 317-600-2723
Biologist Alex Covert 614-430-7752
Hydrologist Angela Crain 502-493-1943
Charles G Crawford, Ph.D. 317-350-0010
Hydrologist (Groundwater Specialist) Robert Darner 614-430-7756
Hydrologist Edward Dobrowolski 317-600-2735
Hydrologist Catherine Fargen 502-493-1945
Andre Ferguson 502-493-1910
Physical Scientist Dennis Finnegan 614-430-7731
Hydrologist Kathleen Fowler 317-600-2737
Deputy Director Jeffrey Frey 317-600-2751
New Philadelphia Field Office Chief / Supervisory Hydrologist Steven Fuller 330-343-2343
Hydrologic Technician Andrew Gorman 317-600-2750
Center Director Michael S Griffin 502-493-1913
Data Chief / Supervisory Hydrologist Thomas Harris 614-430-7727
Physical Scientist Dayle Jordan Hoefling 502-791-3247
Hydrologist Carrie Huitger 614-430-7755
Hydrologic Technician Donnie Keeling 270-759-2460
Hydrologist Christopher Kephart 614-430-7780
Hydrologist Moon Kim 317-600-2787
Hydrologist Greg Koltun 614-430-7708
Biologist Stephanie Kula 614-430-7739
Supervisory Hydrologist David C Lampe 317-600-2742
Hydrologist Timothy Lathrop 317-600-2782
Hydrologic Technician Molly Lott 502-493-1923
Hydrologist Gary R Martin 502-493-1914
Hydrologist Jeffrey Martin 317-600-2748
Hydrologic Technician Leanne Middleton 317-290-3333
Hydrologist Hieu Nguyen 317-600-2767
Hydrologist Chad Ostheimer 614-430-7750
Hydrologic Technician Ed Puckett 502-493-1926
Hydrologic Technician Zachary Razor 317-600-2743
Hydrologist Alexander Riddle -- --
Hydrologic Technician Abigale M Rose 614-506-9066
Supervisory Hydrologist A. Thomas Ruby 502-493-1933
Hydrologist Donna Runkle 614-430-7733
Hydrologist (OH) Kimberly Shaffer 614-430-7781
Hydrologist Megan Shoda 317-600-2725
Hydrologic Technician Ben Sperl 317-617-2056
Hydrologist/Microbiologist Erin A Stelzer 614-430-7730
Amy Story 317-600-2722
Associate Director - Ohio WSC David Straub 614-430-7744
Physical Scientist Chad Toussant 614-430-7766
Hydrologic Technician Branden Vonins 614-430-7764
Physical Scientist and UAS Pilot J. Jeremy Webber 317-600-2755
Hydrologist Matthew T Whitehead 614-430-7749
Research Hydrologist Tanja N. Williamson, PhD 502-413-7699
Hydrologist John T. Wilson 317-600-2752
Supervisory Hydrologist Jeffrey Woods 317-600-2762
IT Specialist Matthew Worland 317-600-2759