Paul Buszka

Paul is a Hydrologist in the Hydrologic Investigations Section. Paul began his career at USGS as a Hydrologist in San Antonio, Texas (1984) and has since worked in Texas (1986-1993) and in Indianapolis on a variety of groundwater and water chemistry studies in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois. He also worked as a Hydrogeologist with STS Consultants in Green Bay, Wisconsin (1982-84). 


As a hydrologist, Paul works with USGS scientific staff in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois and elsewhere and with USGS partners to identify, facilitate and pursue scientific investigations intended to increase understanding of the quantity, quality and availability of groundwater and surface water in the Nation.  Topics of these investigations I've worked on directly in recent years with collaborating USGS scientists include:

  • Integration of hydrophone telemetry with USGS streamflow gage assets to detect Asian Carp
  • Geochemical aspects of carbon dioxide at a potential invasive species barrier site in Illinois 
  • Continuous surface-water quality monitoring and microbial evaluations of onshore groundwater and beach sediment at Lake Michgan beaches affected by E. coli
  • Groundwater hydrology and quality of carbonate aquifers and alluvial deposits
  • Boron isotope geochemistry and contaminant source evaluation
  • Environmental fate and tracer applications of volatile organic, wastewater and pharmaceutical compounds,
  • Applications of elemental ratios to evaluate oil and gas brine and salinity sources
  • Groundwater-age estimates using tritium and fluorocarbon tracers. 
  • Groundwater-surface water interactions and their relation to wetland restoration
  • Wastewater compounds in surface water from a restored wetland and in Lake Michigan tributaries

Other key projects I've helped start or facilitated completion of include:

  • Water budget evaluation of green-infrastructure based stormwater reduction measures
  • Groundwater flow simulations to understand relation of local and subregional groundwater flow at a closed coal mine
  • Laboratory performance of borehole flowmeters in controlled flow settings and field performance in groundwater wells
  • Application of aquifer tests to understand changes in well performance and aquifer characteristics
  • Laboratory and field evaluations of water-quality effects and potential treatment benefits from steelmaking slags, and 
  • Application of water well records to understand the distribution of groundwater in the glaciated USA

Cooperative relationships with numerous Federal, State, local and private partners were established or renewed during my term as Supervisory Hydrologist (1993-2019) in Indianapolis.  


    Attended Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan (B.S., Geology, 1979) and University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, M.Sc., Hydrogeology and Environmental Geochemistry, 1982. M.Sc. research was on fate and transport of leachate contaminants from a landfill in a terrain that was depleted in carbonate minerals.