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Edward Dobrowolski

Hydrologist, Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Water Science Center

Gage Construction

Routinely inspect surface water and groundwater gages

Complete repairs at assigned sites, perform construction and installation of streamgages along with programming associated electronic equipment and dataloggers

Ensure proper operation of gages during periods of record.

Completed elevation leveling checks at gaging stations according to USGS Techniques and Methods.

Streamflow Measurements

Perform streamflow measurements throughout Indiana using both mechanical and acoustic instruments; incorporating OSW methods, in addition to performing streamflow measurements under ice cover in Northeast Indiana.

Perform streamflow flood measurements during high-water events in Indiana.


Collect routine NAWQA surface water nutrient and E. coli water quality samples, suspended sediment samples, chlorophyll, in addition to routine maintenance and calibration of multi-parameter water quality probes at multiple sites.

Assist with various forms of sampling at Indiana Harbor Canal including routine nutrients, chlorophyll, toxics, microplastics, and passive sampler deployment and retrieval.

Led National River and Stream Assessment biology crews with electrofishing sampling, aquatic habitat surveying, and benthic macro invertebrate sampling.

Data Quality and Projects

Responsible for computation and checking surface water, groundwater, and water quality records at various Indiana sites for annual USGS data report.

Continue to serve as project lead for Carp detector gages in Wabash and Huntington areas of Indiana.

Continue to be a part of Ecosystems and Hydrologic Investigations committees for the Indiana-Kentucky commonwealth. Leading Edge of Field storm runoff study in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area with NRCS, Allen County SWCD, EPA, and GLRI as cooperators.

Served as main contributor to Indiana-Kentucky commonwealth biology QA plan and biology specialist as specified by Scott Morlock.

Trained new and lower-graded employees in regards to USGS OSW methods and emphasized Indiana hydrologic networks section policies.

Led public outreach activities and lectures relating to surface and groundwater hydrology, water quality, and biology; ranging from cooperators and the general public to the university level.

Organized Campbell Scientific programming training hosting for regional USGS attendees at Indianapolis office.


Knowledgeable in datalogger software programs:

  • Design Analysis,
  • Sutron Satlink,
  • Sutron 8210 and 8400,
  • Son Utils 4 acoustic doppler velocimeter,
  • Vemco VR2C,
  • RStudio,
  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler WinRiver II, and
  • SonData Flowtracker software

Programming experience with Campbell CR1000 and CR1000 dataloggers.

Familiar with calibration of YSI water quality monitors. Minor experience with Bio Data, ArcView GIS, R Studio and Minitab statistical software. Possess field experience with electrofishing techniques, Indiana fish species identification, Indiana and North Dakota stream habitat assessment,

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