Fractured Rock Hydrology Research - Pennsylvania

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Presentations, abstracts, and other unpublished material are available in the USGS Archive.

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WellFootprint and ModelMuse - A New Map App for Visualizing the Magnitude of Pumping: Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium abstract by Goode et al. (2018), and presentation slides.

Mapping groundwater withdrawals from wells relative to water-resource metrics or management targetsAmerican Water Resources Assoc. Annual Meeting poster and technology lightning presentation by Goode & Winston (2016).

Streamflow Depletion by Groundwater Pumping from Fractured-Rock Aquifers of the Newark Basin: 2014 Pennsylvania Groundwater Symposium Abstract

Compilation of Groundwater Recharge Studies and Estimates of Groundwater Recharge Based on Streamflow-Hydrograph Methods, by Dennis Risser, c. 2010. 

Application of Existing Guidance, Methods, and Models for Evaluating Capture Zones in Fractured Rock Aquifers : 2011 NGWA Fractured Rock Conf. Abstract

Field-scale borehole diffusion experiments at the former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, New Jersey : 2011 NGWA Fractured Rock Conf. Abstract

Monitoring contaminant changes in fractures and rock matrix during bioaugmentation: 2011 SERDP/ESTCP Symposium Abstract

Mass of trichloroethene and other contaminants in the rock matrix and estimates of diffusion coefficients and ratesat the former Naval Air Warfare Center, West Trenton, N.J.: 2010 SERDP/ESTCP Partners in Environmental Technology Symposium Abstract

Comparison of Stair-Step and Dipping-Layer Approaches for Simulation of Flow and Advective Transport in Fractured-Sedimentary Formations: 2007 National Ground Water Association / EPA Fractured Rock Conference Abstract

USGS Research on Fate and Remediation of Point-Source NAPLsAbstract, EPA Region III States 2007 LUST Technical Workshop, Gettysburg

Scale and Hydrogeologic Complexity in Models of Ground-Water Flow for Newark-Basin Aquifers: Abstract and presentation at Regional Workshop on Hydrogeology of the Newark Basin, Rutgers U., November 2004

Modifications to the Solute-Transport Model MOC3D for Simple Reactions, Double Porosity, and Age, with Application at Mirror Lake, New Hampshire, and Other Sites: Proceedings Paper, 1999 USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program Meeting.

CFC's in the Unsaturated Zone and in Shallow Ground Water at Mirror Lake, New Hampshire: Proceedings Paper, 1999 USGS Toxic Substances Hydrology Program Meeting.

Fractured Rock Field Demonstration: Includes description of methods and photo gallery of 1998 event

Ground-water Age and Atmospheric Tracers: Simulation Studies and Analysis of Field Data from the Mirror Lake Site, New Hampshire: Princeton U. Thesis.

Aquifer Tests and Regional Groundwater Flow in Fractured Rock, Lansdale, Pennsylvania: Northeastern Section GSA 1997 Annual Meeting Abstract.

Use of Borehole Geophysical Logging and Water-Level Data to Characterize the Ground-Water System in the Lockatong and Brunswick Formations: Northeastern Section GSA 1997 Annual Meeting Abstract

New Type Curves for Estimation of Aquifer Properties from Water-Level Recovery under Theis Conditions : AGU 1996 Spring Meeting AbstractIncludes image of type curves, text file of data, and FORTRAN source code.