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Daniel J Goode


Water Science

  •  Flow, Transport, and Reaction in Fractured-Rock Aquifers

  •  Groundwater Availability, Protection, and Remediation

  •  Estimation of Large-Scale Aquifer Properties by Field Testing and Simulation

  •  Water Resources of Middle East

  •  Visualization and Science Delivery

Recent Projects and Service

  • USAID - Aquifer Storage & Recovery in the Middle East - North Africa Region
  • Navy, EPA - Groundwater Characterization & Remediation in Fractured-Rock Aquifers in Southeastern Pennsylvania
  • SERDP (DoD) - Field Method for VOCs in Low-Permeability Zones
  • Delaware River Basin Commission Water Management Advisory Committee  2016-20
  • Assoc. Editor Hydrogeology Journal  2014-18
  • EPA Science Advisory Board Hydraulic Fracturing Research Advisory Panel  2013-16

Professional Experience

  • USGS 1987 - present
    Pennsylvania Water Science Center since 1994
    Detail to International Water Resources, Middle East Activities, 2000-04
    National Research Program (Water), Reston & Menlo Park, 1987-93

  • U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 1983-86

  • GCA Technology Division, Bedford, Massachusetts, 1982-83


Education and Certifications

  • Princeton  PhD  1998

  • M.I.T.  SB 1980,  SM 1982


Science and Products