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Historic topographic sheets to satellite imagery—A methodology for evaluating coastal change in Florida's Big Bend tidal marsh

This open-file report details the methodology used to rectify, digitize, and mosaic nineteen 19th century topographic sheets on the marsh-dominated Big Bend Gulf coast of Florida. Historic charts of tidal marshes in Florida's Big Bend were prepared in a digital grid-based format for comparison with modern features derived from 1995 satellite imagery. The chart-by-chart rectification process produc

Eocene-Oligocene sea-level changes on the New Jersey coastal plain linked to the deep-sea record

We use magnetostratigraphy and Sr-isotope stratigraphy to improve stratigraphic control for the Eocene to Oligocene of the New Jersey coastal plain (ACGS4 borehole). Magnetostratigraphy in many cases is complicated in outcrop sections of shallow-water (

Correlation of the middle eocene Kellogg Shale of northern California

The Kellogg Shale of northern California has traditionally been considered to be late Eocene in age on the basis of benthic foraminifer, radiolarian, and diatom correlations. The 30-m-thick Kellogg section exposed west of Byron, California, however, contains middle Eocene planktonic foraminifers (Zone P12), coccoliths (Subzones CP13c and CP14a), silicoflagellates (Dictyocha hexacantha Zone), and d