National Land Imaging Program

William T. Pecora Eligibility

Any individual or group working in the field of remote sensing of the Earth is eligible to receive the William T. Pecora Award. We accept nominations for public and private sector individuals, teams, organizations, and professional societies. Both national and international nominations are welcome. Previous nominees not selected as recipients may be re-nominated for future awards.

An individual award recognizes achievements in the scientific and technical remote sensing community, as well as contributions leading to successful practical applications of remote sensing. Consideration will be given to sustained career achievements or singular contributions of major importance to the field of remote sensing.

A group award recognizes a team, a group of individuals, or part of an organization that has made major breakthroughs in remote sensing science or technology or developed an innovative application that has a significant impact on the user community or national/international policies.

Specific individual and group achievements should be peer-reviewed and documented in industry-recognized and scientifically credible publications.


Pecora Award Committee

Pecora Coordinator