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Pecora Conferences

The William T. Pecora Symposium series was established by the USGS and NASA in the 1970s as a forum to foster the exchange of scientific information and results derived from applications of Earth observing data to a broad range of land-based resources, and to discuss ideas, policies, and strategies concerning land remote sensing.

Dr. William Pecora, USGS Director, 1965-71
Dr. William Thomas Pecora served as the Director of the USGS from 1965-1971. He later served as Under Secretary of the Interior. 

Pecora conferences host to a range of remote sensing experts and scientists from federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, universities and industry.

The technical program will focus on both science and operational applications, emerging challenges and opportunities in working with Earth observations, and the role of partnerships in addressing scientific research, technical advancements and societal solutions.