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conference room multimedia television table
April 26, 2018

A picture of a conference room with multimedia

A picture of a conference room with multimedia

USGS publications National Map
April 25, 2018

A stack of publications about National Map

A stack of publications about the National Map

Tour of Alley Spring
September 16, 2015

Tour of Alley Spring

CSS Leadership Team and Guests tour Alley Spring

A landscape view looking south along the Wasatch Mountain Range on a smokey day caused by a forest fire
September 20, 2013

Wasatch Mountain Range In Utah

Wasatch Range seen from the top of Ben Lomond Peak located in Ogden Utah looking south. It consists of a chain of contiguous cities and towns stretched along the Wasatch Front, major cities include Salt Lake City, Ogden, and Provo

An Autumn scene from street level looking out to buildings and a high mountain
October 10, 2004

ngtoc_ Ogden City with Wasatch Mountains

Ogden, Utah in the Fall with Wasatch Mountains nearby

A landscape view showing a snow covered mountain surrounded by dark stormy clouds
May 30, 2011

ngtoc_ Wasatch Mountains Covered in Clouds

Ben Lomond Peak located in Ogden, Utah is covered in Clouds

A landscape view showing lush green hill with snow-capped mountains after a late spring snowstorm
March 20, 2018

ngtoc_ Wasatch Mountains seen from Ogden Valley

View from Ogden Valley of a snow-capped mountain in Wasatch Range

A landscape view from a residential area looking out at high peaks nearby
October 9, 2004

ngtoc_ City and Mountain

View of Wasatch Mountains from Ogden, Utah

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Cemeteries in Southeast MO as of 11/24/20

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: Cemeteries in Southeast MO as of 11/24/20

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: City/Town Halls in IA, MN as of 09/16/21

A before-and-after image showing the change in edits between 9/09/21 and 9/16/21. Volunteers added almost 50 new points during this timeframe. This challenge is now finished (public domain).