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A landscape view looking south along the Wasatch Mountain Range on a smokey day caused by a forest fire
September 20, 2013

ngtoc_ Wasatch Mountain Range

The Wasatch Front metropolitan region stretching along the western side of the Wasatch Mountain Range

An Autumn scene from street level looking out to buildings and a high mountain
October 10, 2004

ngtoc_ Ogden City with Wasatch Mountains

Ogden, Utah in the Fall with Wasatch Mountains nearby

A landscape view showing a snow covered mountain surrounded by dark stormy clouds
May 30, 2011

ngtoc_ Wasatch Mountains Covered in Clouds

Ben Lomond Peak located in Ogden, Utah is covered in Clouds

A landscape view showing lush green hill with snow-capped mountains after a late spring snowstorm
March 20, 2018

ngtoc_ Wasatch Mountains seen from Ogden Valley

View from Ogden Valley of a snow-capped mountain in Wasatch Range

A landscape view from a residential area looking out at high peaks nearby
October 9, 2004

ngtoc_ City and Mountain

View of Wasatch Mountains from Ogden, Utah

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: City/Town Halls in WA & OR 01/16/2020

TNMCorps Mapping Challenge: City/Town Halls in WA & OR 01/16/2020